You’ve just enrolled to receive Ting, and your home and family will soon be better protected from electrical fire hazards. Your safety is our focus, so we strive to ship your sensor quickly. In the meantime, we’ve gathered our most frequently asked questions by new customers following their enrollment. If you have additional questions, we’re always here to help. 

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What’s included with Ting through my insurance company's program?
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You receive all the features and services normally included with Ting if you were to pay for it yourself - courtesy of your insurance provider. Ting includes:

  • Ting Sensor: A DIY, plug-in sensor that monitors your home for electrical fire hazards 
  • Ting Sensor Mobile App: Download for free via the Apple App Store or Google Play 
  • Ting Fire Safety Team: In the event of an identified hazard, you’ll be guided through every step of mitigation by the world’s leading experts on electrical fire safety 

 Other great benefits*: 

  • $1,000 remediation credit available to you to be used towards hazard repair if one is identified 
  • Power outage and power quality notifications to help you stay informed when your home or community faces unusual power occurrences 
  • Free lifetime sensor replacement should anything happen to your Ting sensor 

*See Service Terms for details.

How does Ting work?
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Ting monitors a home’s electrical system for arcing and power quality issues that indicate an electrical fire hazard. It is designed to be a long-term monitoring solution, as electrical fire hazards can happen anytime, anywhere, regardless of a home’s age or condition.

We are super passionate about helping to protect you. Ting is statistically proven to prevent ~80% of electrical fires, significantly reducing electrical fire risk in your home 

What should I expect next?
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In the next 1-3 days, your sensor will ship. At that time, we’ll provide you with a notification via email with tracking details.

What do I need for Ting to work in my home?
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Ting is sophisticated technology but incredibly simple to use. You'll need a smartphone and Wi-Fi to install your Ting Sensor. That’s it! 

What should I do when my sensor arrives?
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You’ll need as little as 2 minutes to activate your free service. Just reference the insert included with your Ting Sensor and download the mobile app to get started. Once the simple setup is completed, the app will keep you informed of important events, service notices, and most importantly, if Ting detects a fire hazard.

Is there a time limit to activate my Ting service?
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Most customers activate the service within the first day or two. Participation in your insurance company's program requires service activation within ten days of receipt. We know circumstances arise where this is not always possible, so please reach out if your installation timeline needs to be adjusted. We’re always happy to help.  

What happens if Ting detects a hazard?
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If an electrical fire hazard is detected, you’ll be in the hands of our world-class Ting Fire Safety Team, who will guide you through every step of hazard mitigation. You’ll receive notification of the hazard via the Ting Sensor app and outreach via email, phone, and/or text.

Your safety is our priority, so in the case of an identified hazard, you’ll receive a $1,000 credit toward the labor cost of professional remediation. Importantly, not all hazards require an electrician.

How does Ting keep my data safe and private?
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By design, we limit the collection and use of personal information to only that which is necessary to reliably deliver Ting service to you. Unlike other smart home devices, there are no control features or options in your Ting app that can be used to configure, change, turn off/on, or otherwise govern your Ting sensor. The Ting sensor does not have microphones, cameras, motion detectors, or speakers. Ting quietly focuses on what matters most – analyzing your home’s electrical health through complex signal processing. 

Once the Ting installation process is complete, there is zero communication between the Ting sensor and your Ting Sensor app or smartphone.  You can turn off your Bluetooth and Location Services on your phone, which are only needed by the Ting Sensor app to help set up your sensor.  

We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy, where we provide additional details for you. 

Have additional questions?
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We’re always here to help. Contact us any time via our Help page.