Troubleshooting Your Offline Ting Sensor

You may become aware that your Ting sensor is offline from a Ting mobile app notification or an email from us stating that “Your Ting is offline and no longer monitoring your home for electrical fire hazards.”

Follow the series of questions and steps below to bring your sensor back online.

Q1 - Is your Ting plugged in and powered?

Locate your Ting sensor and may sure that it is securely plugged into its outlet.  Be sure that your sensor is not plugged into a “switched outlet” – which means it could be unintentionally powered off.

If your sensor is plugged in and powered the LED (aka, light) on the front of the sensor should show a solid green color. If the sensor light is not green, it is not connected to your WiFi network and therefore cannot function as designed.

Is your sensor is plugged in and powered, but the light is not green?  Please proceed to Q2 below.

Q2 - Is your Internet service experiencing an issue?

The most common cause of a sensor being offline is an Internet or Wi-Fi issue.

  • Is your Internet connection working properly?
  • Are other devices such as your smartphone connected to - and able to use - your Wi-Fi network?

If your Internet is up, your Wi-Fi appears to be operational, please proceed to Q3 below.

Q3 - Have you recently changed your Wi-Fi router or updated your Wi-Fi password?

If yes, skip to Wi-Fi Reset procedure below.

If you have not changed any Wi-Fi settings, then simply follow instructions to Move Sensor below.

Move Sensor

Unplug Ting and move Ting closer to your Wi-Fi router.

  • Assuming the new location has good Wi-Fi coverage, moving your Ting sensor is as simple as unplugging your sensor and plugging it back into a different outlet.  When you plug Ting in again, it will automatically attempt to re-connect to your network.
  • If the sensor light becomes solid green within 1 minute of plugging Ting back in, your sensor is no longer offline; no further action is required.

If after this time your Ting light does not show solid green, please stop here and click here to get help from our Care Team.

Wi-Fi Reset

NOTE:  This step is required only if:

  • you are changing your WiFi Network (replacing your router, changing your network name, changing your network security, etc.), or
  • you are changing your Network Password.

If you are simply moving Ting to a different outlet in your home and not changing your network or network password, Ting will automatically reconnect; this Wi-Fi reset procedure is NOT required.

Wi-Fi Reset Procedure

Note: Ting must be plugged in and be powered to successfully perform a reset.

Reset Procedure Step 1 of 2

  • Locate the small hole located at the bottom or left side of Ting.  The image below shows the reset hole on the bottom; if it is not on the bottom, it is located on the left side of the sensor.
Ting sensor reset button hole
  • With your sensor plugged in, carefully place a paperclip in the hole and gently press for two seconds until you see the LED light on Ting change to white.  Once the LED changes to white, remove the paperclip.
  • The sensor light will flash for a couple of seconds and ultimately turn blue.  Blue indicates that the sensor is in Bluetooth mode and ready to be installed and paired to WiFi.
  • Proceed to Reset Procedure Step 2 of 2, below.

Reset Procedure Step 2 of 2

Install Ting using the Ting App

  • Open Ting app and go to Main Menu is upper left of Home screen
  • Click on “+ Add Ting
  • Follow the app to re-install your sensor

Getting Help

If after performing the procedures as outlined above your sensor light does not return to a solid green color, contact Ting support using the main menu of the app, selecting Help, and clicking on the Send button next to 'Send email to support'.  See below.

Ting app getting help