Help protect your family from electrical fires.

Current StateFarm® Homeowner policyholders1 can sign up today to receive Ting FREE.

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Receive Ting at NO COST, a retail value of $349.

This free offer is available for a limited time only, so sign up now to help protect your family, home and community.

This offer is exclusively for StateFarm policyholders.1

State Farm is pleased to offer you the opportunity to receive fire safety technology for the home.

Ting, a service of Whisker Labs, includes a super-smart connected plug that monitors the entire electrical network in your home to detect faults that can lead to electrical fires. Ting also helps monitor the utility grid to detect electrical faults that could damage your home. Joining the Ting community enables us to help keep our families and communities safe.


Retail Value: $349

Ting from Whisker Labs includes: 

24 x 7 Electrical Hazard Monitoring

Ting Plug-In Sensor: 2-Minute DIY Install

Ting Smartphone App

Fire Hazard & Power Quality Notifications

Hazard Detection, Localization & Identification 2

Repair Coordination & $1,000 Hazard Repair Credit

Guidance for Utility Engagement & Repair

Free Lifetime Sensor Replacement


For your family, home and community.


According to the National Fire Protection Association3, electrical fires occur in nearly 50,000 homes each year - one every 10 minutes - originating from electrical faults hidden in our walls, ceilings and connected devices - and are a leading cause of residential fire deaths, injuries and dollar loss.

Ting detects damaged wires and loose electrical connections that cause fires. The Ting service includes the cost of a licensed electrician to find and fix hazards found by Ting2, protecting your family and home.

Here are just a few testimonials of Ting delivering on its promise of proactive fault detection and increased safety.

"We are so grateful for the Ting Service.
It has repaid us many times over and protected our family and home from what could have been a horrible fire. This is amazing technology. We would recommend Ting to anyone who would like peace of mind knowing that Ting is watching over their home's electrical system"

- Matt D. Alexandria,VA

"I am so thankful someone invented this!
I live in a 40 year old town home and have had numerous electrical problems over the years and in the recent past (inappropriate surges, brownouts, flickering, blackouts, etc.). I'm REALLY glad to have this new TING technology to give me more peace of mind! I have desperately been waiting for something like this!"

- Jennifer B. Dallas, TX

For your family, home, and community.

Even one fire is too many.