Current StateFarm® Homeowner policyholders¹ can receive Ting at NO COST.

Home damaged by electrical fire
Electrical fire Nov 2019, $150k damage, 13 years old

According to the National Fire Protection Association², electrical fires occur in nearly 50,000 homes each year - one every 10 minutes - originating from electrical faults hidden in our walls, ceilings and connected devices - and are a leading cause of residential fire deaths, injuries and dollar loss.

Meet Ting

Watch the 1-minute explainer video below to learn how Ting helps prevent electrical fires.   

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Ting, a service of Whisker Labs, includes a super-smart Wi-Fi connected plug that monitors the entire electrical network in your home to detect faults that can lead to electrical fires.

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Ting also helps monitor the utility grid to detect electrical faults that could damage your home or cause a hazard in your community.

Exclusive Benefits

Because you're a State Farm Policyholder¹

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  • 3 years of Ting service at NO COST to you

  • Free 2-day shipping of your Ting sensor

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Ting Service Benefits

  • Ting plug-in sensor - requires Wi-Fi in your home
  • Ting smartphone app
  • 24 x 7 electrical hazard monitoring
  • Fire hazard & power quality notifications
  • Hazard detection, localization & identification³
  • $1,000 hazard repair credit
  • Free lifetime sensor warranty
"What a fantastic innovation in fire safety.
Ting determined hazardous arcing signals were coming from our sump pump, which was failing and operating well above average temperatures. Not only did this present a potential fire hazard, but it also could have resulted in our basement flooding during wet weather."

Kevin S.
Parkton, MD

"I am so thankful someone invented this!

I live in a 40 year old town home and have had numerous electrical problems over the years and in the recent past (inappropriate surges, brownouts, flickering, blackouts, etc.). I'm REALLY glad to have this new TING technology to give me more peace of mind! I have desperately been waiting for something like this!"

Jennifer B.
Dallas, TX

Even one fire is too many.