Case Studies

Electricity is a complex phenomenon, but keeping safe doesn't have to be.  There's a reason why homeowners trust Ting when a fire hazard is detected.

We publish cases in the form of videos, photos, and customer accounts to help illustrate why an electrical hazard identified by Ting is a serious matter.  These represent but a few of thousands of electrical fire hazards discovered, identified, and mitigated by Ting.

>> What to expect if Ting has notified you of a fire hazard

  • Hazard videos

    Video (and some audio) evidence of what Ting uncovered

  • Hazard photos

    Visual evidence of what Ting uncovered

  • Customer stories

    Unfiltered accounts of what Ting found, direct from customers

"It is scary to think that we had wires inside of our wall that were arcing and could have started a fire at any time. Ting identified the hazard, and the electrician was able to quickly come in and fix it. My wife and I are grateful that Ting helped keep our family safe.​"

Ting detected this arcing inside a clothes dryer, where arcing was occurring on the control board inside the appliance. Importantly, this is another reason to keep your dryer and dryer vent/ducting clean. Lint buildup means any spark like this one, or extreme heat, can more readily lead to a fire.

While this is audible in the video, the hot water heater is in a remote part of the basement - as a result, the homeowner did not hear the electrical arcing activity.

This is another case where the arcing is 'audible', however, the main panel cover had been removed to address the hazard.  The homeowner did not hear the electrical arcing coming from a faulty breaker.  Electrical panels are common locations for electrical fires given the sheer number of connections inside them.