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Knowing is way better than not knowing.

Imagine if you could see more and know earlier about hidden electrical issues in your home.

Now you can.

Ting App showing volts and hi-fi on mobile device

Fire safety is incredibly important, and so is how we deliver it to you.

Ting is different, designed to bring you elevated visibility, awareness, and increased freedom from worry - without the complexity or frills.

Ting is Proactive, Preventive and Simple.

Ting pinpoints and identifies the unique signals generated by tiny electrical arcs, the precursors to imminent fire risks. These signals are incredibly small but are clearly visible thanks to Ting's advanced detection technology.

Hand holding Ting device

Simple but Sophisticated

Download the Ting Sensor app to your smart device, plug Ting into an outlet, and pair.

Eyeball looking at Ting device

Detects the Invisible

Ting's smart software detects and identifies precursors to electrical fires. Finally, a fitness tracker for your home.

Phone sending an alert for Ting

Know What to Do Next

The Ting app and remote fire safety team will notify you if an electrical fire hazard is detected, leading you through mitigation.

What Comes With Ting

Ting device plugged into outlet

Ting DIY Smart Sensor

The simplest and arguably the smartest sensor for home safety

Illustration of a fitness watch

Continuous Hazard Detection

Ting is a fitness tracker for your electrical system, and never rests

Electrician connecting wires from an exposed ceiling fan

$1,000 Credit for Remediation

Ting detects the fire hazard and covers the repair by electrician

Ting App showing volts and hi-fi on mobile device

App Features to Keep You Informed

Always vigilant, it is like having an electrician in your home 24x7

Life time Warranty Seal

Free Lifetime Sensor Replacement

We'll ship you a new sensor should it ever fail to operate

Electric health power gauge set to OK

Power Quality & HVAC Health

While looking for electrical fire hazards Ting informs & engages

Our Promise To You

We're confident you'll enjoy increased peace of mind with Ting. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason we will gladly issue a full refund within 30 days of service activation.

Ting device shown at an angle

Join the next generation of fire safety

Power lines and power transformer on utility pole

Home power quality issues – holding power company accountable

“I wanted send a note on my experience with Ting, as I have actually been able to use this to help with the electric in our home!

We had done some renovations in our home, and that included a lot of newer electric, and redoing current wiring throughout the house. With it being a renovation in an older home, that meant that the electric box was as full as it could be.

We had a couple situations where power went out or lights/appliances flickered and we weren’t sure what that meant. We had called our electric company and they came out, but couldn’t pin point anything the box or on their wiring coming in. They thought it could be the box, but they were not sure. Once we got Ting, those situations where the power flickered happened again, but Ting was able to detect “brown outs.” Now that we had the data and proof we were able to replace our electric box (part of our original plan to do anyway) and watch the Ting data after the fact. Even after a brand new box install, we still had a couple instances of these brown outs. Working with the electrician that helped us install the box, we came to the conclusion to reach out to the electric company.

They came out, and because of Ting, we could narrow it down to the equipment on the poles and worn down wiring to our house by explaining the data and alerts we received by “speaking their language.” We are still working with them, but they have slowly started to replace items leading to our home to see if they help, but they did confirm we had a lot of outdated equipment leading to our home and meter that was on them to replace. Ting helped get that conversation started, and it’s great to be able to understand the data Ting records and quickly gain and understanding of the electric in your home.

While brown outs may not necessarily be a huge danger as some other alerts Ting offers, over time they could be. Even if someone doesn’t know much about electric, Ting makes it easy to understand the “why and how” based on the data they provide, and I think that’s a huge benefit as insured’s could get things checked on and updated without having to pay a dime like in my case.”

Akron, OH
White generator on a patio outside of a house

Extended power outage, backup generator power quality and notifications

“Last weekend, our area experienced severe winds, resulting in widespread power outages. My Ting unit performed perfectly while we were ‘on generator’ from Saturday morning until Sunday night. Once we got the router energized…interesting how the breaker for the router became a priority when calculating which breakers to turn on while on temporary power, along with the well pump, freezer, etc.

Anyway, the Ting unit had a side benefit…I was able for the first time to monitor the voltage and “quality” of the power coming from the generator! Very interesting to monitor when different systems in the house came on and off.

Phone notifications were flawless, every time I shut down the generator to refuel, etc., I was notified…then on Monday and Tuesday, there were a couple of 10-20 minute interruptions that I would not have known about…

My office was without power as well, I think I need a Ting unit for down here as well! You are spoiling me!”

Wayland, MI
Three images composition, one of an establishing shot of a house, and two of older sump pumps

Electrical arcing in the basement from malfunctioning sump pump

“I was very happy to learn that Ting identified the arcing from my failing sump pump. The team reached out to notify me of the issue. I was glad that it was not a fire hazard, and equally glad Ting helped me avoid the potential of a flooded basement.”

Lake Koshkonong, IL
Beautiful dining room seen through open glass and wooden doors with a wood floor and dining table

1800’s farmhouse with electrical upgrades in 1970’s – electrical arcing above ceiling

“Living in a circa 1800s farmhouse, my family and I have always been concerned about the potential for electrical hazards with our older wiring. Shortly after setting up my Ting sensor, the Ting app quickly notified me of a potential electrical fire hazard. The Ting Service team called and we quickly isolated the source of the arcing hazard to an old chandelier in our dining room. I hate to think of what this could have become if not discovered by Ting. My family and I will rest easy knowing this hazard has been fixed, and Ting will keep watch over our house going forward. Bravo Ting!”

Westminster. MD
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