We've made it easy to get Ting.

Check with your
insurance company.

Whisker Labs is partnered with insurance companies who offer Ting to help their customers be proactive in their mission to protect family and home.

Here are a few ways to check with your insurance company.

Contact your insurance agent.

If you have a local independent agent that you work with to manage your policy, contact them directly and inquire if they offer Ting to their customers.

Contact your insurer directly.

Reach out directly to your insurer through their customer service phone number. Let them know you are looking to help protect your home with Ting.

Check with your insurer online.

Your insurer may have information about Ting on their website under smart home safety/technology, or in their customer smartphone app.

Not available from your insurance company?

You can purchase Ting using one of the 2 options below.

From your local home service contractor.

Select electrical and HVAC home service contractors across the U.S. offer Ting through their field service professionals.

Direct online from us, Whisker Labs.