Grid Fault Detection

Grid resiliency and its impact on the community affects everyone – in
both good and bad ways. Like air and water, we often take power for
granted.  Recent events reveal what has been known all along - we’re simply behind the curve in serving communities safely and with consistency.

The network effect of Ting sensors protecting homes holds great potential in the ‘all hands on deck’ mission of grid resiliency and performance.

utility electrical transmission tower
grid la

Actionable Grid Faults

Ting is detecting hundreds of events each day.

  • Grid arcing
  • Loose / Arcing Transformer Connections
  • Failing Transformers
  • Power outages
  • Power surges (high voltage)
  • Power brownouts (low voltage)
  • Distribution Grid faults and outages
  • Transmission Grid faults

Why it Matters

The growing Ting Network monitors the electric utility grid with unparalleled accuracy and resolution. We are partnering with major utilities and first responders across the country to provide earlier and better detection and situational awareness relative to faults stemming from grid assets – which often are the cause of devastating wildfires.