Customer Policies

Thank you for purchasing Ting at operated by Whisker Labs.  We're confident you'll enjoy increased peace of mind with Ting monitoring your home electrical system for faults and hazards that can lead to fires.  The following return, renewal, and cancellation policies are provided here for your convenience.

Please note, where referenced herein, these policies may not apply in part or in whole if you did not purchase Ting direct from us at, but rather, acquired Ting through an authorized home service contractor reseller, or received Ting as part of a partner program (example, your insurance company).

Ting is a service ('Ting Service'), and not just a sensor.  A sensor acquired from unauthorized sellers cannot be activated for Ting Service, and Whisker Labs is the only authorized seller and provider of the service.

We've thoroughly covered the details below, however, if anything is unclear or you have questions about these policies, please feel free to contact our customer support team at [email protected].  We're always happy to help!


Ting is sold and distributed as a bundled service (the 'Ting Service') which includes a sensor, service subscription, and service activation.  A Ting sensor acquired from unauthorized sellers (example, eBay*, Amazon, etc.) cannot be activated for Ting Service; if you errantly purchase a sensor from an unauthorized seller, please refer to their customer policies regarding sales of unauthorized items.

The Ting Service - which includes the Ting Sensor - is non-transferrable. The Service subscription is bound and authenticated by the Sensor serial number which is tracked to ensure authenticity for our customers. Each Ting Sensor remains the property of Whisker Labs and is never sold by itself.  Marketplaces such as Amazon, Facebook, eBay,* and others are NOT authorized to sell or distribute Ting.  Any Ting Sensor marketed, sold, or otherwise offered on these marketplaces - whether by unauthorized resellers or by other 3rd parties or individuals - is stolen property, 'end of life' (removed from service by Whisker Labs), or otherwise has not been properly returned or recycled/disposed of by the current Ting customer.  Any attempts to activate or otherwise secure a service subscription using a sensor secured from an unauthorized seller are explicitly prohibited.

*Ting sensors found on eBay are covered by their policy here.

RETURNS - 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

NOTE:  If you did not purchase Ting direct from us at, please refer to your authorized Ting Seller’s return policy or contact them directly.

As a new Ting Service subscriber, if you are unhappy with the service for any reason we will gladly issue a full refund within 30 days of service activation, which begins when you’ve connected Ting following the installation process in the Ting app.

We want you to be fully satisfied, so we’ve designed returns to be hassle-free, with free shipping.  As such, we respectfully ask for your reasonable cooperation to ensure a simple and smooth process.


Your Ting Service price included an annual service (a.k. subscription) fee and an activation fee that covers the cost of the Ting Sensor(s), as defined in the Whisker Labs Ting™ Sensor Service End User License Agreement (EULA).  Here is what is required in order to be eligible for a full refund after buying from

1. Your Timely Service Activation. You’ve installed and activated the Ting Service within 30 days of receipt of your Ting Sensor(s).

2. Remediation Credit Status. Ting has not already repaired an electrical fire hazard where part or all of your Ting remediation credit has been applied.

3. Your Timely Notification.  Please contact us at [email protected] within 30 calendar days of your service activation with the following:

      • your order number
      • your name
      • your email

For example, if you activated your Ting service on March 1, we would expect your cancellation notice no later than midnight March 31. After March 31 your Ting service will continue for the full term of service with full benefits.

4.  Our Timely Receipt of Ting Sensor(s).  We provide ample time to return your Ting Sensor(s).  We need to receive the Ting Sensor(s) within 30 days of your receipt of the return shipping label we’ve supplied.

5.  Acceptable Condition of The Ting Sensor(s).  After we receive your Ting Sensor(s), we will inspect them. The Ting Sensor(s) must be in the same condition that you received them, in good condition.  Good condition is defined as a working Sensor without wear, tear, damage, tampering or alteration.

All of the above conditions must be met in order to receive a full refund.

Returns Process

Here’s what to expect after you’ve notified us within 30 days of your service activation:

1. Service Deactivation.  We’ll deactivate your Ting Service, and the Ting Sensor will no longer connect to the app or to our central monitoring system.

IMPORTANT – Even if you keep your Ting Sensor(s) plugged in when we deactivate your Ting Service, your home will no longer be monitored for electrical fire hazards.

2. Return Label.  We’ll email you a return authorization label to use in shipping your Ting Sensor(s) back to us.  We’ll cover the cost of shipping.  You’ll have 30 days to return the Ting Sensor(s) from this point.

We’d prefer you use the original Ting Sensor box/insert to secure the Sensor(s), however, if you no longer have it, please use reasonable care in protecting the Sensor(s) when packaging.

3. Pack and Ship.  Print out the shipping label.  You’ll safely package and ship the Ting Sensor(s) back to us using the shipping label, and simply drop the package off at a UPS location or store.

4. Receipt & Inspection.  Once we’ve received your Ting Sensor(s) and have inspected them we will notify you via email.

5. Refund.  If the condition of the Ting Sensor(s) is acceptable, your full Ting purchase will be refunded to the original payment method you’ve used during the purchase. For credit card payments it may take up to 10 business days for a refund to show up on your credit card statement.


To help clarify the above, we won’t be able to issue you a full refund under certain conditions.

No refund:  Your Ting Service will remain active and you’ll receive all benefits of the Ting Service for the remainder of your then-current service term if any of the conditions apply:

  • Late Activation. You’ve attempted to cancel service but did not activate your service within 30 days of receipt of your Sensor(s).
  • Late Notification.  You’ve attempted to cancel service after the 30-day window defined above has expired.
  • Remediation Credit Applied.  You’ve attempted to cancel service within the 30-day return window, however, Ting had already identified an electrical fire hazard and part or all of your Ting remediation credit was applied to cover the cost of repair.

Partial refund: Your Ting Service will remain deactivated and we will refund the service fee component of your purchase (for a single Ting Sensor this is $99 retail for one year as of the time of this document’s last update) less any discounts applied at the time of purchase if either of the following conditions exist :

  • Failure to Return Ting Sensor(s).  You’ve not shipped your Ting Sensor(s) back to us within the 30-day window defined above.
  • Failed Inspection.  You’ve not returned Ting Sensor(s) in good condition as defined above.


To avoid any confusion, subscription renewal terms only apply to direct purchases from Whisker Labs on; the terms may be different from that of Authorized Resellers, or not applicable if your fees are paid, in whole or in part, by a third party or partner as part of a program, such as your insurance company.

If not acquired through a partner program as defined above, at the end of your service term, we will bill you for an annual retail renewal fee of $99 (approximately $8.25 per month) to the billing information on file.  If you do not store your billing information with us, we will email you an invoice.   If during your current term we’ve established alternative service plans that could apply to you and your home, we will provide you those options at the time of renewal.


We would hate to see you go, however, if you decide to cancel your Ting Service at the end of your current service term, please email us at [email protected].  We’ll deactivate your service and the Ting Sensor will no longer connect to the app or to our central monitoring system.

IMPORTANT – Even if you keep your Ting Sensor(s) plugged in when we deactivate your Ting Service, your home will no longer be monitored for electrical fire hazards.

Ting Sensor Return.  Please note that when you cancel your subscription to the Ting service, you are required to return the Ting Sensor(s) to us.  We’ll send you a return shipping label for the Ting Sensor(s), shipping will be covered by us.  Please note:  If the Ting Sensor(s) is not received within 30 days of receiving your shipping label in working order – normal wear and tear excepted, you will be billed an Unreturned Sensor Fee for each applicable Sensor.

Unreturned Sensor Fee. "Unreturned Sensor Fee" refers to a fee charged by Whisker Labs to a Ting Service subscriber for any unreturned Whisker Labs Ting Sensors upon termination of the Ting Sensor Service.  The payment of an Unreturned Sensor Fee shall not result in a sale of, or the transfer of title to, any Whisker Labs Sensor and such Sensor(s) shall remain the property of Whisker Labs, and Whisker Labs retains title to Whisker Labs Sensors at all times. Whisker Labs in no way relinquishes ownership of (including title to) Whisker Labs Sensors by the payment of an Unreturned Sensor Fee. Even if an Unreturned Sensor Fee has been paid, Whisker Lab Sensors shall not be resold, used, or operated in any manner. If within 120 days following the cancellation of your Ting Service you pay an Unreturned Sensor Fee and subsequently return the equipment in working order – normal wear and tear excepted - you will be refunded your Unreturned Sensor Fee in full.

Termination of Service by Whisker Labs. The Ting Service is designed to help keep you and your home safe from electrical fire hazards. Where we provide instructions or otherwise recommend Remediation Services for an electrical fire hazard identified by Ting as described in the Terms of Service, we do so only after expert and professional consideration of all factors, including your safety and security.  In the unlikely event you decide not to follow our instructions, and/or refuse to remediate an identified hazard, your decision may impact our ability to continue the service and reasonably monitor the safety of your electrical system, and as such we may, with reasonable notice, discontinue the service and request you return your Ting sensor as defined under Ting Sensor Return above.


Remember, we’ll replace your sensor free of charge, with free shipping, for the life of your service with us, if it ever fails to operate due to conditions and/or causes outside of your control.  Contact [email protected] if you are having issues, and see our Service Terms for details on this hardware replacement policy.

If your service is active and for some reason, you’ve lost your Ting Sensor or have damaged it, contact [email protected] and we will ship you a new Sensor at the then-current replacement fee.

Rev. August 14, 2021