Our Commitment to You

As a breakthrough innovation in fire prevention, Ting is uniquely different - and arguably, hard to compare to anything else.  To help, we've outlined below the central principles of our mission - and commitment - to delivering our 'forever promise' to you.

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For well over 125 years, electricity has fueled our lives. Still, it has also proven to be both mysterious and often dangerous - taking the form of silent and horrible fires that catch homeowners off guard. As it turns out, each hidden electrical fault generates unique but exceedingly tiny signals that indicate something's not right. Up until now, these signals were largely undetectable, let alone from a simple plug-in sensor. 

Our passion and our purpose were solidified by a devastating electrical fire experienced within our Whisker Labs family.  Quite simply, we want to help put an end to electrical fires.

We're thrilled about how Ting has performed for homeowners to date. However, we recognize Ting's technology is different from other smart home technology such as video doorbells and smart thermostats.  Ting is the first major development in fire safety since smoke detectors' mass-production in the 1970s - a statement we wouldn't be able to make if we had not created Ting to provide a very simple user experience.  And one that is designed to perform for the life of your home.

  • We take seriously your decision to help protect your family and home with Ting.
  • Our mission is wholly focused on your safety by helping prevent the most devastating type of home fire.
  • We would never share technology with homeowners if it were not proven, safe, and easy to implement.  We've leveraged nearly two decades of research and testing into the development of Ting.  
  • Equally, we would never share technology that irritates.  Ting expertly distinguishes between everyday 'man-made' arcing (motors, switches) and arcing 'in the wild' from true hazards - so you won't be bothered with nuisance alarms.
  • We hold solemn our responsibility to safeguard your privacy.  This begins with our 'security by design' approach and is bolstered by our privacy policy.
  • We are not in the business of selling your personal or sensor data to 3rd parties.  Ting protects our homes as well - and we wouldn't want our data shared, either.
  • We are not in the business of employing your data in the service of anything outside of hazard detection, prevention, and safety.
  • Important resources where you can learn more:
  • You can always expect transparency and honesty from us; we recognize we must earn your trust every day.
  • Zero conflicts of interest.  We are in the business of providing peace of mind, not generating referrals for contractors.
  • Our Ting-certified contractor network consists of local, reputable contractors that you may recognize. This network is fully independent: there are no financial ties, incentives, or side agreements.
  • Our contractors are well-versed on Ting and are (and must remain) in good standing with the business community and homeowners at large.
  • Your service includes a credit to apply towards contractor labor should a fire hazard require a licensed electrician. Not all hazards necessitate an electrician.
  • We never send a contractor without first working with you and only then, if we have your approval. Our customer testimonials highlight this key distinction.