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Detect early.

Stop electrical fire hazards in their tracks before they have a chance to cause a devastating fire.
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Stay informed.

Ting does all the work for you.  The app keeps you in the know, the Ting team engages if trouble arises.
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Repair simply.

Enjoy Ting concierge service, including a credit for labor should an electrician be needed.
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Meet Ting

Learn how Ting works in less than 60 seconds. 
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Ting, a service of Whisker Labs, includes a super-smart connected plug that monitors the entire electrical network in your home to detect faults that can lead to electrical fires.

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Ting also helps monitor the utility grid to detect electrical faults that could damage your home or cause a hazard in your community.

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Breakthrough in Detection

Ting brings expert visibility to underlying conditions that can lead to fires.

The U.S. electrical safety code is incredibly comprehensive.  Yet, electrical faults and fires caused by them continue to be far too common.  Ting is an innovation designed to significantly reduce electrical fires, expertly sensing tiny signals from new or emerging electrical faults across your home.

According to the National Fire Protection Association nearly 50,000 residential fires each year -  one every 10 minutes - are caused by an electrical malfunction. 
They result in more deaths, injuries, and damage than any other type of fire in the home.
Why? These fires are often silent and hidden, originating from arc faults in wiring or connected devices.
Home damaged by electrical fire
Electrical fire Nov 2019, $150k damage, 13 years old

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Know More

The Ting smartphone app keeps you informed, simply.
Receive notifications that matter.

"We recently had a PG&E power shut down and my generator kicked in. I was impressed that TING then noticed me that it was now the power source and then noticed me again when it shut off after the power was restored by PG&E."

Ron K.
Ting Customer, CA
The Ting app keeps you in the know.
You'll hear from us if you see red.

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For the Life of Your Home

Ting doesn't stop once a hazard is detected.
Many hazards detected by Ting don't require an electrician.  Either way, we've got you covered.

For hazards inside the home, we manage the entire resolution process in direct coordination with you.

When needed and with your approval, we'll arrange for an independent, Ting-certified electrician.

Your $1,000 credit is available to you to help cover needed repairs by an electrician to alleviate a hazard.

For hazards identified outside the home, we'll assist you with your utility provider.

Whisker Labs has no incentive, financial or otherwise, in advocating for expensive or unnecessary repairs. 

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What you'll need for Ting service in your home

Broadband internet
service in your home
(excludes satellite, dial-up or metro Wi-Fi)
Wireless home network
for your Ting Sensor
(must be secure, open Wi-Fi is not supported)
Smartphone* to run the
Ting Sensor app
(*Apple, Android or Apple iPad)

Once Your Ting Sensor Arrives...

Ting takes no time at all to install.

Grab your smartphone; have your wireless password ready.
Open the box and remove your sensor.  The app will prompt you to plug it in.
Search for Ting Sensor app.  Download (it's free). Launch the app.
Follow instructions in the app to complete installation.
iphone and wireless icon
Ting product shot
Ting app icon
Ting install screen

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Even one fire is too many.