At a Glance:  06-01-22 Update to Our Terms of Service

We are committed to helping prevent fires, and as well, we are committed to keeping you updated about your Ting service. On June 1, 2022, we’re making a few changes to our Terms of Service. These changes make it easier for you to understand what to expect from Ting and Whisker Labs – and what we expect from you – as you use Ting.

Importantly, if you received Ting from your insurance provider, these updates in no way impact your participation in that program or the terms of that program. For example, if your insurance provider's program offered Ting to you for free -  at no cost to you - that has not changed.

At a glance, here’s what this update means for you:

  • Improved readability: While our terms remain a legal document and agreement between us, we strive to make them as clear as possible and easy to understand.
  • More detail about how and why we communicate with you regarding important service notices:  Our ability to reach you about critical service information and events is essential to delivering the Ting service to you. This is especially important for a sensor that is not communicating (it’s offline) or worse, where Ting has detected an electrical fire hazard, and our Fire Safety Team needs to contact you.
  • More detail on home address verification: We’ve provided additional clarity around the need to have correct address information for the home where Ting is installed. Like a home security monitoring service, the address for your Ting-protected home(s) must be accurate and up to date.
  • Sensor ownership change: We have updated the terms related to ownership of the sensor. Before this change, we maintained ownership of the Ting sensor, similar to a cable modem or set-top box for a cable or Internet provider. With this change title (ownership) of the sensor itself will transfer to you. The change means little to you practically, and there is no action required on your part. Importantly, the lifetime sensor replacement warranty remains in place. What has not changed: If you receive Ting from your insurance company but elect not to install it, you are still required to return the sensor so it can be supplied to another household, and the restrictions on reselling a sensor on a 3rd party marketplace have not changed.
  • More clarity around service cancelation: Related to the above changes regarding communications, while you can cancel service at any time, we clarify our right to cancel service if we are unable to contact you or you become unresponsive to important service notices since, under these circumstances, we are unable to deliver the service to you as designed and intended.