We want to inform you about updates we've made to the Whisker Labs Ting Sensor Service End User License Agreement (EULA) and Terms of Service, effective September 12, 2023.

What has NOT Changed: If you received your Ting for free through one of our Insurance Partners, it is still free and provided at no cost to you.

What has Changed:  In addition to making these terms easier to read and understand, the following updates are incorporated:

  • Our Terms of Service govern how we provide - and you use - Ting. Part of those terms includes how we address disputes between us (you, the Ting customer, and Whisker Labs). Any dispute would be exceedingly rare, and we hope there is never a reason for one. With this update, we have updated the process of addressing disputes, including binding arbitration and waiver of class action rights, and your right to opt out of this process.
  • We stress the importance of being able to communicate with you in the case of a fire hazard identification by Ting.
  • We more clearly describe the concept of account creation for new users at service activation, along with required address verification and the importance of the registered home where the Ting service is intended to be delivered.

The Whisker Labs Ting Sensor Service EULA and Terms of Service govern our (Whisker Labs's) relationship with you, the Ting user, whether you received Ting from your insurance provider or through another channel, for instance, directly from us.  Your continued use of the Ting service signifies your acceptance of these terms, including periodic updates to them.


Note:  To reiterate what has not changed - If you received Ting through your insurance provider, the program participation terms between you and your insurance provider are not part of, and have not changed with, this update.