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Damaged neutral cable, voltage spikes (CPS Energy).

Mar 9, 2022

"I’ve always been concerned about my home accidentally catching fire my entire adult life. While I’m aware fires may not be 100% preventable, being as safe as possible helps give some peace of mind.  That being said, Ting can do things a human cannot.

In this case, my sensor was able to detect a possible fire hazard that I would have never known about until it was too late. The team at whisker labs immediately contacted me via email and text, to alert me of the issue and wanted to work as quickly as possible to resolve the problem.
Ting and Whisker Labs could have very well saved my irreplaceable mementos, my home, and my family's lives.

So with that, my only question is this;
If you don’t have a Ting sensor, what are you waiting for?

One very VERY satisfied customer,

- Brandon

Corroded neutral cable, extreme voltage spikes (PG&E).

Arcata, CA
Mar 8, 2022

"I just wanted you to know that I appreciate State Farm partnering with Ting for monitoring my home electrical circuits. A couple of weeks ago, while I was out of town, Ting detected six spikes, three over 170VAC peaking at 178VAC. Ting emailed me with informed insight that the problem was likely a loose neutral connection.  It took 10 phone calls to PG&E over two days to get to a live person and schedule an onsite inspection.

Fortunately, the PG&E person who came out was extremely helpful and informative. He agreed with Ting that the corroded neutral cable could lead to a spike that would probably destroy whatever was plugged in at the time and set fire to the house. He made a temporary repair and provided advice on what to do next. He also said to keep monitoring the circuit with Ting. PG&E guy said to protect parts of the circuit with the greatest potential for damage from spiking: fridge, microwave, woodworking dust collector, and a couple of other devices. I put surge protectors on everything and will have the corroded neutral replaced in April."

- Lindsey

Loose neutral, squirrel damage (Seneca Light & Water). 

Seneca, SC
Feb 10, 2022

"The local utility company promptly came out to inspect your possible Loose Neutral Connection issue. It was determined that squirrels had eaten through a significant portion of 40 ft of aluminum encased neutral wiring coming from the transformer to my house. The problem will not be completely fixed until early next week but I thank you now for bringing this to my attention and possibly saving my home, my appliances, and the lives of my family."

- Greg

Large voltage surges, flickering lights.

Des Moines, IA
Feb 4, 2022

"I just want to say how pressed I am with the Ting. The first day I set it up it showed I was getting power surges of 148 or more. I called the energy company and presented them with the data. They fixed my outside line. It ended up being a neutral line outside. Now my lights no longer flicker when the furnace comes on and the volts to my home are a steady 120ish. I am sure those power surges were probably going to get dangerous at some point. Thank you so much!"

- Laurie

Unstable voltage with sags and swells (Consumers Energy).

Big Rapids, MI
Feb 3, 2022

"I want to thank you, we have been having electrical issues for 2 years. We had a washer and dryer burn out. We thought it was wiring in the house. Turns out it was a transformer on the utility pole outside our house. Thanks so much to Ting"

- Bryan

Faulty smart switch/photocell in light fixture. 

Thousand Oaks, CA
December 21, 2021

"I received a Ting sensor because of my homeowner's insurance. It was a no-brainer to install and it has been keeping watch on my electrical power for months. It's also nice because I get a notification on my phone if there's a problem (an outage in my neighborhood).  Recently a Ting engineer contacted me because he noticed arcing on my line. He informed me that it happened at the same time every morning, when nobody was home, so we concluded it was likely the sensor controlling my front porch light. He asked me to confirm it by leaving the light off for a few nights - and the arcing went away.  I replaced the sensor 2 days ago and turned the light on again and the engineer just notified me that the problem is resolved. I am impressed. This could have been a significant problem but it was quickly and easily resolved. This is a great service - highly recommended. I'm surprised I never heard of it before State Farm recommended it to me."

- G. S.

Loose neutral (Southern California Edison) causing unstable voltage fluctuations. 

Orange, CA
December 21, 2021

"I am most grateful that your system successfully alerted us to a problem and that, with your support, it has been corrected. I shall be happy to provide comments in support of your system and shall surely tell State Farm about it, as well. A heartfelt thank you to you and your colleague with whom I spoke during this effort. You may have saved my home."

- Peter W

Loose neutral, utility (Commonwealth Edison) escalation. 

Palatine, IL
December 13, 2021

"Ting diagnosed the probable cause as a "loose neutral" connection in the utility serving our home. I used the e-mail template Ting provided to notify the power company and a few days later the (utility) troubleman arrived. At first, he was skeptical as we were not seeing our lights flicker and none of our neighbors on the same line reported any troubles.  Once he tested our power, however, his skepticism was replaced by serious concern and he arranged for an emergency service call. 

Within the hour at least three service techs arrived in their big trucks. They did a temporary replacement of the bad wire (which in their words was "hanging by a thread") and made arrangements for permanent repairs.

The troubleman and repair foreman had never heard of Ting but were surprised that none of the houses affected had reported a problem with their lights flickering. They reasoned that Ting must be very sensitive in order to find the problem early before it became more noticeable.  Very impressive!"

- Tony J

Large unstable voltage fluctuations, loose utility neutral (PG&E). 

Eureka, CA
December 4, 2021

"Thank you! We thought our microwave was dying, but it was something much more dangerous. You saved us!"

- Laurie M

Hazardous arcing from faulty laptop power supply. 

Seagoville, TX
December 3, 2021

"Thank you for making an effort to contact me about this issue and helping me resolve it...I am convinced that TING is worth having. Even though the device has been in my house for a year I never understood its capabilities until you called me from Maryland last night and analyzed my house in real-time to find the problem with my computer power supply. I have attached a picture of the defective computer power supply.  I will contact my State Farm agent and let him know about my positive experience with TING."

- Mitchell M
closeup of light bulb socket adapter with clear arcing failure and fire hazard at its base

Hazardous arcing in light bulb socket power adapter. 

San Diego, CA
November 13, 2021

"Lazarus, I wanted to let you know that I contacted our State Farm agent, Lazaro Neto, and let him know about my positive experience with Ting. My feedback:  Lazarus from Ting was very persistent in identifying a potential fire hazard in our home. It took some time to coordinate schedules but he was very patient and thorough. We feel safer in our home now. Thank you Ting and Lazarus for your work!"

- Gary S
closeup of outlet with burn marks

Parallel arcing at a receptacle.

Chino, CA
October 13, 2021

"Thank you and your team. I am so grateful they were able to find the issue. And very thankful a fire didn't start. It seemed as if almost all of the outlets on that breaker had an issue.  I will be replacing that breaker box very soon, now knowing that that is a major issue. I have alerted my neighbor's to this issue also. The young men who were here working were very kind and helpful. I will let State Farm know what happened and post my experience on your website. Thank you again"

- Roberta W

Hazardous surges; Ameren confirms and repairs a severed neutral.

Saint Ann, MO
September 14, 2021

"Problem solved. After calling Ameren since 27 August they finally showed up today and the neutral ground was severed. Exactly what you said was wrong. Without Ting, I don't know how we would eventually found out we had a problem. By the way, 3 days ago the surge protector in the computer room died. We'd had a 141.3 surge that morning."

- John J

Utility addresses hazardous power fluctuations from bad connections.

Osceola, IN
September 11, 2021

"I just emailed our insurance agent from State Farm to praise you and the team at Ting. It was definitely a scary situation hearing that we have a potential fire hazard considering we have 2 kids under the age of 2 at home. But thanks to you and Ting we were able to get the problem solved. I can’t thank you guys enough. We definitely had a very positive experience from the initial email warning us of a problem to the very clear steps to take to fix it."

- Tanner B

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Beautiful dining room seen through open glass and wooden doors with a wood floor and dining table

1800’s farmhouse with electrical upgrades in 1970’s – electrical arcing above ceiling

“Living in a circa 1800s farmhouse, my family and I have always been concerned about the potential for electrical hazards with our older wiring. Shortly after setting up my Ting sensor, the Ting app quickly notified me of a potential electrical fire hazard. The Ting Service team called and we quickly isolated the source of the arcing hazard to an old chandelier in our dining room. I hate to think of what this could have become if not discovered by Ting. My family and I will rest easy knowing this hazard has been fixed, and Ting will keep watch over our house going forward. Bravo Ting!”

Westminster. MD
Ceiling fan in a nursery with four different colored fan blades

Electrical arcing fire hazard above the ceiling in nursery

“The Ting Service Team contacted me because an electrical fire hazard had been identified in my home. Based on intelligence Ting had gathered, it took 10 short minutes to confirm that the hazard was in the ceiling fan/light in our baby’s bedroom. After I purchased a new ceiling fan/light unit, the Ting Service Team promptly scheduled an electrician to remove the old unit and properly install the new unit at no additional cost to me. My family and I are very grateful that Ting prevented a potentially catastrophic fire in our home.”

Normal, IL
Composite image of living room, a power outlet, and infrared imagery of a power outlet to show heat sources

Intense electrical arcing behind wall at outlet in finished basement

“It is scary to think that we had wires inside of our wall that were arcing and could have started a fire at any time. Ting identified the hazard and the Ting electrician was able to quickly come in and fix it. My wife and I are grateful that Ting helped keep our family safe.​”

See the brief case study video here.

Hudson, IL
Power lines and power transformer on utility pole

Home power quality issues – holding power company accountable

“I wanted send a note on my experience with Ting, as I have actually been able to use this to help with the electric in our home!

We had done some renovations in our home, and that included a lot of newer electric, and redoing current wiring throughout the house. With it being a renovation in an older home, that meant that the electric box was as full as it could be.

We had a couple situations where power went out or lights/appliances flickered and we weren’t sure what that meant. We had called our electric company and they came out, but couldn’t pin point anything the box or on their wiring coming in. They thought it could be the box, but they were not sure. Once we got Ting, those situations where the power flickered happened again, but Ting was able to detect “brown outs.” Now that we had the data and proof we were able to replace our electric box (part of our original plan to do anyway) and watch the Ting data after the fact. Even after a brand new box install, we still had a couple instances of these brown outs. Working with the electrician that helped us install the box, we came to the conclusion to reach out to the electric company.

They came out, and because of Ting, we could narrow it down to the equipment on the poles and worn down wiring to our house by explaining the data and alerts we received by “speaking their language.” We are still working with them, but they have slowly started to replace items leading to our home to see if they help, but they did confirm we had a lot of outdated equipment leading to our home and meter that was on them to replace. Ting helped get that conversation started, and it’s great to be able to understand the data Ting records and quickly gain and understanding of the electric in your home.

While brown outs may not necessarily be a huge danger as some other alerts Ting offers, over time they could be. Even if someone doesn’t know much about electric, Ting makes it easy to understand the “why and how” based on the data they provide, and I think that’s a huge benefit as insured’s could get things checked on and updated without having to pay a dime like in my case.”

Akron, OH