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Utility hazard detected, electric utility initially advises 'no problem found'

San Mateo, CA
June 22, 2021

“We received a Ting monitor through our home insurer, State Farm. I wasn’t aware of any issues, but since State Farm was offering it at no charge we accepted. Once we plugged in the monitor, it started reporting frequent power spikes. In hindsight, the spikes had probably been going on for quite a while and likely contributed to a failed refrigerator and dishwasher.  We were contacted by Rob from Ting and informed the spikes were serious and potentially a fire hazard. He asked us to contact our utility to have them evaluate. The power company sent someone who brushed it off as normal activity, or likely something wrong in our home wiring.  Upon reporting back to Ting, they arranged for an electrician to investigate at no cost to us. The electrician found incoming voltage above specifications and some corrosion on the outside power line.  We were again prompted by Rob from Ting to get the power company involved. The next person [from the power company] thoroughly investigated and determined there was a problem at the point our power lines and our neighbor’s connected to the pole. Our neighbor had been experiencing flickering lights but ignored it as they didn’t have a Ting monitor.  After the power company replaced the connectors we haven’t experienced any issues. We are grateful to have been warned about an unknown serious issue before it damaged more electronics or even worse started a fire. I would highly recommend the Ting service!

- Mike P.

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White generator on a patio outside of a house

Extended power outage, backup generator power quality and notifications

“Last weekend, our area experienced severe winds, resulting in widespread power outages. My Ting unit performed perfectly while we were ‘on generator’ from Saturday morning until Sunday night. Once we got the router energized…interesting how the breaker for the router became a priority when calculating which breakers to turn on while on temporary power, along with the well pump, freezer, etc.

Anyway, the Ting unit had a side benefit…I was able for the first time to monitor the voltage and “quality” of the power coming from the generator! Very interesting to monitor when different systems in the house came on and off.

Phone notifications were flawless, every time I shut down the generator to refuel, etc., I was notified…then on Monday and Tuesday, there were a couple of 10-20 minute interruptions that I would not have known about…

My office was without power as well, I think I need a Ting unit for down here as well! You are spoiling me!”

Wayland, MI
Composite image of older breakers and breaker imagery

Electrical arcing at main power panel due to a prior home construction error

“After moving into our current home, we experienced unusual maintenance issues throughout our home. When Ting became available, I considered it an opportunity to learn a little more about our house. I never expected Ting would actually detect a potential hazard. But, after a few months of collecting data on my house, the Ting team reached out to me to address a potential hazard in my house.
Ting covered the cost of a local electrician to came in and confirm the cause of the arcing it had identified. The electrician found that I had a bad breaker in my breaker panel. When removed, it was evident the breaker was producing heat and corroding in a way that could eventually lead to a fire. I am so thankful we tried Ting. If a fire had developed in the breaker panel, it could have quickly spread to wiring throughout the house. I am amazed at the innovative step Ting is making in-home fire safety and I am grateful that it prevented a potentially catastrophic fire in my home.

I truly believe this product is just as important as smoke detectors or fire extinguishers in the home. It provides the advantage of being able to detect potential hazards before they cause a fire. It gives me peace of mind that someone is watching over parts of my house that I cannot see, to help keep my family and home safe.”

Bloomington, IL