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Watch Peter's account of his Ting-identified fire hazard and how it was mitigated.

Because the source of the hazard was his utility company's equipment, our Fire Safety Team guided Peter in contacting them to take action.

Damaged connection points in utility room for entire condominium

Jan 17, 2024

"My Ting was provided by my insurance carrier. I was alerted by the Ting team that I was in a fire hazard state experiencing "brownouts" and serious fire hazard dangers. I worked with the Ting to alert the local power and my property manager however failing to gain traction with either avenue Ting provided reimbursement for me to have an independent electrician to come onsite to evaluate the issues and they identified a serious issue in the main technical/electrical closet feeding the meter to my unit and six others. Within less than 24 hours the issue progressed resulting in the building having to shut off the power to six units to avoid a fire. I cannot say enough great things about the product, team, or the persistent monitoring the Ting team provided throughout it all and I have convinced 4 of the six units effected all [insurance co.] clients to signup for the free service and in home monitoring."

- Krik S.

Discontinuity in grounding at power pole (PG&E)

Nov 24, 2022

"Ting notified us of several over-voltages during the course of a week. Since this can occur occasionally, we just kept an eye on it. Finally, Ting notified us of a loose neutral connection, which can lead to a fire, and recommended immediate action. Apparently, intermittent neutral connections can lead to arching in home appliances, leading to dangerous overheating. We called PG&E who had a technician out here within an hour. Inspection discovered the problem in a PG&E box up on a utility pole across the street. It was repaired, and the problem was solved. Thank God for Ting."

- Richard

Failing transformer (Clearwater Power Company)

Nov 16, 2022

"I live in a rural area, serviced by a co-op for electricity.  My Ting app suddenly began notifying me that my house was receiving persistent power surges which were worsening.  Without Ting, I would not have known about this hazard, as there were no other signs.  After several days, Ting advised me to get in touch, so I called and was connected immediately to a team member who advised me to contact my utility.  As this was Saturday, I had to wait until Monday morning to do so.  My co-op operations team was very impressed with the detailed weekly report, as it clearly recorded all the surges and time-stamped them.  They sent a service team right away, and they tracked the source to a failing transformer across our road.  This was replaced immediately, and now the power to my house is back to normal.  I am very grateful that I made the modest investment in Ting!  Otherwise, I feel certain I would only have been aware of a problem when things got much more serious."

- Lynn

Arcing due to a failing breaker and poor connection at the main panel

Nov 8, 2022

"Ting really works! The Ting fire safety team noticed an anomalous electrical signal. They informed me that the most likely reason was a bad circuit breaker. I was instructed to turn off each breaker in sequence while they monitored the signal. When the signal disappeared, we had identified the bad breaker. I had to order the breaker online because none of my local stores had the correct one. Three days later, while I was still waiting for the delivery, the bad breaker began arcing. I turned it off and installed the new breaker when it was delivered. Ting identified this fire hazard 3 days before catastrophic failure."

- Arthur

Arcing in faulty heating pad

Oct 19, 2022

"There was a fire hazard that ting detected. Ting called me, and we went over what was new and found that the heating pad I was using was causing a spike they walked me through what to do, and I am not going to be using that heating pad anymore.
Thank you, Ting, for being there."

- Linda

Voltage swings, neutral line compromised by tree branch (Duke Energy)

Aug 3, 2022

"Upon receiving a utility fire hazard alert, I admit I was at first skeptical of the gravity of the problem. But upon investigation, not only was the problem real but Ting was remarkably accurate in its analysis. Though I am still waiting on the utility company to propose a more permanent solution, the hazard was eliminated, and I am grateful for its identification.

More direct advocacy between Ting and the utility company would be great, but Ting is nonetheless an impressive underutilized service that I hope more households take advantage of.  Thank you, Ting! I also love the weekly reports and can now see how much more consistent my power was than before!"

- Eric

Leaking hot water heater leads to arcing

July 18, 2022

"I got a call from Chris who told me there was a signal that Ting was picking up on. Me and my husband were not in town. Fortunately, our son was home, and Chris was able to talk to him to start the troubleshooting phase. At some point, Ting was able to discern it could be water causing the signal that Ting was picking up on. We eventually found the problem. Our water heater had a leak, and the water was hitting the electrical part on the front of the water heater, causing the signal that Ting picked up on! As stressful as it was, Chris made the whole process a good experience! They are a life saver!! Thank you Chris and Ting!"

- Angela

Loose utility neutral (Hawaiian Electric Company)

Jun 16, 2022

"I had no idea our voltage was fluctuating so much and that different sections of the house had higher voltages.  With the Ting power quality monitor I was able to see how wide the voltage swings were. As a retired electrical engineer I was concerned about the extremely high voltages and to my surprise I received an email from Ting Fire telling me there was a problem with the utility system neutral. As soon as the utility troubleshooter took his measurements he knew where to fix the problem and they had a crew out that evening to make permanent repairs.  We had some air conditioning control boards and a motor fail in the last couple of years and now I may know why it happened.  I’m really grateful to have received my Ting power monitor a week ago as it really is a great device to have."

- Robert

Missing neutral, corroded away (Southern Cal Edison)

May 18, 2022

"Thank you for alerting me to the problem. There were no external symptoms visible, and we would never have known about the issue if the Ting monitor hadn't helped. The thing about my experience that struck me as unexpected was that the SCE technician had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned the Ting monitor and report. He was very skeptical about the accuracy of what was reported to me and said he couldn't understand how the device was even able to determine the fault. He somewhat reluctantly checked the power input to our house with a meter and discovered the missing neutral connection (the wire had corroded away).

I was unable to forward the form letter I was sent because SCE doesn't accept problem reports by e-mail. If it were possible to inform the utility companies of the existence and accuracy of your devices so they aren't so surprised by my problem explanation it would help. Many homes in our area are insured by State Farm so I assume there are many of these devices around. I told the technician to expect more such reports in the future.  Best regards."

- Jim

Arcing due to corrosion at main electrical panel

April 26, 2022

"I have to admit, I was hesitant to use Ting when I received it. I purchased my house in May of 2021 but did not move in until March 2022. Though it did not immediately connect, I went ahead and installed the Ting app. I checked on the App a couple of times and didn’t really see anything significant. I wasn’t sure whether or not the system worked well but I figured it wasn’t taking any effort on my part.

Within a couple of weeks, I was having an issue detected by Ting. As it turns out, my electric panels, inside and outside, were corroded and causing a major fire hazard. If it were not for my Ting app I would’ve never known that the issue existed. My house would have probably burned down before I ever knew there was a problem. Employees at Ting were so attentive and patient. They kept in contact with me throughout the whole process. They provided excellent customer service and did a wonderful job coordinating with my electrician. I couldn’t be more thankful for Ting and its employees. I highly recommend Ting for all houses, especially old houses like mine."

- Randi

Damaged neutral cable, voltage spikes (CPS Energy)

Mar 9, 2022

"I’ve always been concerned about my home accidentally catching fire my entire adult life. While I’m aware fires may not be 100% preventable, being as safe as possible helps give some peace of mind.  That being said, Ting can do things a human cannot.

In this case, my sensor was able to detect a possible fire hazard that I would have never known about until it was too late. The team at whisker labs immediately contacted me via email and text, to alert me of the issue and wanted to work as quickly as possible to resolve the problem.
Ting and Whisker Labs could have very well saved my irreplaceable mementos, my home, and my family's lives.

So with that, my only question is this;
If you don’t have a Ting sensor, what are you waiting for?

One very VERY satisfied customer,

- Brandon

Corroded neutral cable, extreme voltage spikes (PG&E)

Arcata, CA
Mar 8, 2022

"I just wanted you to know that I appreciate State Farm partnering with Ting for monitoring my home electrical circuits. A couple of weeks ago, while I was out of town, Ting detected six spikes, three over 170VAC peaking at 178VAC. Ting emailed me with informed insight that the problem was likely a loose neutral connection.  It took 10 phone calls to PG&E over two days to get to a live person and schedule an onsite inspection.

Fortunately, the PG&E person who came out was extremely helpful and informative. He agreed with Ting that the corroded neutral cable could lead to a spike that would probably destroy whatever was plugged in at the time and set fire to the house. He made a temporary repair and provided advice on what to do next. He also said to keep monitoring the circuit with Ting. PG&E guy said to protect parts of the circuit with the greatest potential for damage from spiking: fridge, microwave, woodworking dust collector, and a couple of other devices. I put surge protectors on everything and will have the corroded neutral replaced in April."

- Lindsey

Loose neutral, squirrel damage (Seneca Light & Water)

Seneca, SC
Feb 10, 2022

"The local utility company promptly came out to inspect your possible Loose Neutral Connection issue. It was determined that squirrels had eaten through a significant portion of 40 ft of aluminum encased neutral wiring coming from the transformer to my house. The problem will not be completely fixed until early next week but I thank you now for bringing this to my attention and possibly saving my home, my appliances, and the lives of my family."

- Greg

Large voltage surges, flickering lights

Des Moines, IA
Feb 4, 2022

"I just want to say how pressed I am with the Ting. The first day I set it up it showed I was getting power surges of 148 or more. I called the energy company and presented them with the data. They fixed my outside line. It ended up being a neutral line outside. Now my lights no longer flicker when the furnace comes on and the volts to my home are a steady 120ish. I am sure those power surges were probably going to get dangerous at some point. Thank you so much!"

- Laurie

Unstable voltage with sags and swells (Consumers Energy)

Big Rapids, MI
Feb 3, 2022

"I want to thank you, we have been having electrical issues for 2 years. We had a washer and dryer burn out. We thought it was wiring in the house. Turns out it was a transformer on the utility pole outside our house. Thanks so much to Ting"

- Bryan

Faulty smart switch/photocell in light fixture

Thousand Oaks, CA
December 21, 2021

"I received a Ting sensor because of my homeowner's insurance. It was a no-brainer to install and it has been keeping watch on my electrical power for months. It's also nice because I get a notification on my phone if there's a problem (an outage in my neighborhood).  Recently a Ting engineer contacted me because he noticed arcing on my line. He informed me that it happened at the same time every morning, when nobody was home, so we concluded it was likely the sensor controlling my front porch light. He asked me to confirm it by leaving the light off for a few nights - and the arcing went away.  I replaced the sensor 2 days ago and turned the light on again and the engineer just notified me that the problem is resolved. I am impressed. This could have been a significant problem but it was quickly and easily resolved. This is a great service - highly recommended. I'm surprised I never heard of it before State Farm recommended it to me."

- G. S.

Loose neutral (Southern California Edison) causing unstable voltage fluctuations

Orange, CA
December 21, 2021

"I am most grateful that your system successfully alerted us to a problem and that, with your support, it has been corrected. I shall be happy to provide comments in support of your system and shall surely tell State Farm about it, as well. A heartfelt thank you to you and your colleague with whom I spoke during this effort. You may have saved my home."

- Peter W

Loose neutral, utility (Commonwealth Edison) escalation

Palatine, IL
December 13, 2021

"Ting diagnosed the probable cause as a "loose neutral" connection in the utility serving our home. I used the e-mail template Ting provided to notify the power company and a few days later the (utility) troubleman arrived. At first, he was skeptical as we were not seeing our lights flicker and none of our neighbors on the same line reported any troubles.  Once he tested our power, however, his skepticism was replaced by serious concern and he arranged for an emergency service call. 

Within the hour at least three service techs arrived in their big trucks. They did a temporary replacement of the bad wire (which in their words was "hanging by a thread") and made arrangements for permanent repairs.

The troubleman and repair foreman had never heard of Ting but were surprised that none of the houses affected had reported a problem with their lights flickering. They reasoned that Ting must be very sensitive in order to find the problem early before it became more noticeable.  Very impressive!"

- Tony J

Large unstable voltage fluctuations, loose utility neutral (PG&E)

Eureka, CA
December 4, 2021

"Thank you! We thought our microwave was dying, but it was something much more dangerous. You saved us!"

- Laurie M

Hazardous arcing from faulty laptop power supply

Seagoville, TX
December 3, 2021

"Thank you for making an effort to contact me about this issue and helping me resolve it...I am convinced that TING is worth having. Even though the device has been in my house for a year I never understood its capabilities until you called me from Maryland last night and analyzed my house in real-time to find the problem with my computer power supply. I have attached a picture of the defective computer power supply.  I will contact my State Farm agent and let him know about my positive experience with TING."

- Mitchell M
closeup of light bulb socket adapter with clear arcing failure and fire hazard at its base

Hazardous arcing in light bulb socket power adapter

San Diego, CA
November 13, 2021

"Lazarus, I wanted to let you know that I contacted our State Farm agent, Lazaro Neto, and let him know about my positive experience with Ting. My feedback:  Lazarus from Ting was very persistent in identifying a potential fire hazard in our home. It took some time to coordinate schedules but he was very patient and thorough. We feel safer in our home now. Thank you Ting and Lazarus for your work!"

- Gary S
closeup of outlet with burn marks

Parallel arcing at a receptacle

Chino, CA
October 13, 2021

"Thank you and your team. I am so grateful they were able to find the issue. And very thankful a fire didn't start. It seemed as if almost all of the outlets on that breaker had an issue.  I will be replacing that breaker box very soon, now knowing that that is a major issue. I have alerted my neighbor's to this issue also. The young men who were here working were very kind and helpful. I will let State Farm know what happened and post my experience on your website. Thank you again"

- Roberta W

Hazardous surges; Ameren confirms and repairs a severed neutral

Saint Ann, MO
September 14, 2021

"Problem solved. After calling Ameren since 27 August they finally showed up today and the neutral ground was severed. Exactly what you said was wrong. Without Ting, I don't know how we would eventually found out we had a problem. By the way, 3 days ago the surge protector in the computer room died. We'd had a 141.3 surge that morning."

- John J

Utility addresses hazardous power fluctuations from bad connections

Osceola, IN
September 11, 2021

"I just emailed our insurance agent from State Farm to praise you and the team at Ting. It was definitely a scary situation hearing that we have a potential fire hazard considering we have 2 kids under the age of 2 at home. But thanks to you and Ting we were able to get the problem solved. I can’t thank you guys enough. We definitely had a very positive experience from the initial email warning us of a problem to the very clear steps to take to fix it."

- Tanner B

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Written Stories

White generator on a patio outside of a house

Extended power outage, backup generator power quality and notifications

“Last weekend, our area experienced severe winds, resulting in widespread power outages. My Ting unit performed perfectly while we were ‘on generator’ from Saturday morning until Sunday night. Once we got the router energized…interesting how the breaker for the router became a priority when calculating which breakers to turn on while on temporary power, along with the well pump, freezer, etc.

Anyway, the Ting unit had a side benefit…I was able for the first time to monitor the voltage and “quality” of the power coming from the generator! Very interesting to monitor when different systems in the house came on and off.

Phone notifications were flawless, every time I shut down the generator to refuel, etc., I was notified…then on Monday and Tuesday, there were a couple of 10-20 minute interruptions that I would not have known about…

My office was without power as well, I think I need a Ting unit for down here as well! You are spoiling me!”

Wayland, MI
Composite image of older breakers and breaker imagery

Electrical arcing at main power panel due to a prior home construction error

“After moving into our current home, we experienced unusual maintenance issues throughout our home. When Ting became available, I considered it an opportunity to learn a little more about our house. I never expected Ting would actually detect a potential hazard. But, after a few months of collecting data on my house, the Ting team reached out to me to address a potential hazard in my house.
Ting covered the cost of a local electrician to came in and confirm the cause of the arcing it had identified. The electrician found that I had a bad breaker in my breaker panel. When removed, it was evident the breaker was producing heat and corroding in a way that could eventually lead to a fire. I am so thankful we tried Ting. If a fire had developed in the breaker panel, it could have quickly spread to wiring throughout the house. I am amazed at the innovative step Ting is making in-home fire safety and I am grateful that it prevented a potentially catastrophic fire in my home.

I truly believe this product is just as important as smoke detectors or fire extinguishers in the home. It provides the advantage of being able to detect potential hazards before they cause a fire. It gives me peace of mind that someone is watching over parts of my house that I cannot see, to help keep my family and home safe.”

Bloomington, IL