Special Notice

Despite our best efforts, the high demand for Ting and ongoing global supply chain challenges stemming from the  COVID-19 pandemic has recently impacted our ability to keep our Ting Sensors in stock.  We're humbled and incredibly grateful, however, our focus remains on helping you in your mission to protect your family and home.

With that, we're working diligently with our suppliers and doing everything in our power to keep Ting Sensors in stock - and enable you to activate your Ting Service as soon as reasonably possible.

We've made great progress - thank you for your patience!

Keeping You Informed

While we appreciate your interest and your patience, we also respect your time and preference.  If you've received a notice that your Ting Sensor is on backorder, here's how we plan to keep you updated - and keep your choices open.

Periodic order updates

We'll email you an update no more than once every 14 days, should your order be delayed beyond two weeks.  If you provided consent at enrollment, you'll receive an SMS notification when your Ting Sensor ships.  Remember, you can always remove SMS consent by replying STOP to any message.

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Anticipated delay from order to ship

the prevailing wait time for Ting Sensor stock replenishment and order fulfillment/shipment, from the date an enrollment for Ting has been received

Additional information

We may be limited in providing a firm date on when inventory will be available for a given order. However, we've included key questions and answers below to help better inform your expectations.

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Answers to Common Questions

We hope you find the additional information below to be helpful.

It's a 2-dimensional challenge.

Demand for Ting has increased over the past year, for which we are humbled and grateful.

At the same time, we're in the middle of a global electronics (or 'chip') supply chain crunch which emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and has continued to expand and frustrate manufacturers and customers alike.

Our Ting Sensor is very sophisticated relative to the software running on it; however, it is not complex from a hardware perspective.

The sensor consists of many electronic components common to other consumer and industrial technologies. These components are normally in abundant supply. However, several of them are being impacted by this global issue and, as a result, are in short supply or have unpredictable and seemingly ever-changing 'lead times' from the manufacturers.  

The Ting Sensor has an incredibly important role to play in helping you keep your family and home better protected. But, with that, we remain – by default - laser-focused on its quality and performance. So first, we feel it is important to mention what we're not doing:

  • We're not pushing our assembly professionals to produce more sensors in less time when components are made available.
  • We're not relinquishing any step or measure in our quality control processes.
  • We're not swapping out components for cheaper, less performant alternatives.  

We are doing everything we can in our power to hold component suppliers to their delivery commitments and meticulously scrutinize our supply chain, end to end, every day. In addition, we have a dedicated team of hardware and logistics specialists whose sole focus is navigating the challenge of unpredictable component availability. This team is making key decisions and adjustments - per our high standards - at every turn.

Yes, this is always an option, but with incredibly important caveats.

With any hardware technology, the process of design, testing, approvals, certifications, fabrication, and manufacturing can take 18 to 24 months and sometimes longer. During the design phase, we identify alternate components that are of equal quality and from reputable suppliers.

In the context of this global supply chain shortage, we're looking at a few of those alternate components as one of many approaches to help with our supply of Ting Sensors. However, this process is neither short nor trivial and one that demands tremendous scrutiny. Any such change to a component requires extensive testing and re-certification by safety organizations such as UL to ensure we continue to supply highly performant, safe sensors.

In other instances, however, the alternatives for some components are either in short supply or are inferior in quality and performance. We outright reject these components as options for us and our customers.

We've configured our systems for 'first order in, first shipped out.' Meaning, your Ting Sensor will be shipped in the order we received your enrollment in the program.

In the rare instance that a sensor fails and requires replacement, we have a small reserve supply held aside. This approach ensures that any current customer enjoying Ting but facing a rare hardware failure receives a new replacement sensor without delay.

We've planned a balanced approach with you in mind.

We're excited by the prospect of Ting helping you better protect and prevent. We're hoping you are - and remain - equally excited during this supply crunch. But we also don't want to inundate you with updates that contain little substance.

To learn more about how we plan to keep you informed, please see more on this, above.

We realize you may not want to wait, or a circumstance may have surfaced during this delay (e.g., you have a sudden change in your job and must move).

Therefore, we explain how to easily opt out of the program and cancel your current Ting Sensor order here.

No. You'll be able to enroll in the future without issue, assuming you still meet all the program requirements.

Ability to opt-out, hassle-free

If you decide that you'd rather not wait for your Ting Sensor, clicking the button below will take you to a simple step to opt-out and cancel your current enrollment and Ting Sensor order.

How to Opt-Out

Please use the secure form below to opt out.

By completing this form your Ting sensor order will be canceled, as will your enrollment in your insurance provider's Ting program.  We'll notify you via email once these two steps are complete.

Please note: We've pre-populated your enrollment email address, however, if it does not display for some reason, please enter it.